We've received a number of questions regarding legality over the months, so we thought it might be helpful to add a little bit elucidating upon the issue here.

First and foremost, Dirpy is used by people from around the world and legality depends on many factors like one's location and its according laws. Dirpy is simply offered as a service and it's up to the individual user to determine the legality of their own activities. We are not your lawyers and we cannot give you legal counsel.

For users in the United States, and countries with similar laws, using Dirpy as intended is perfectly legal.

Dirpy lets you record and store local versions of freely available online media for personal use. To do this, Dirpy acts no differently than the Digital Video Recorder (DVR, like TiVo or MythTV) device running in your living room. Digital Video Recorders capture media and then let you convert and store it locally for personal playback at a later time. This is exactly what Dirpy does (with lots of great additional features).

So Dirpy is an advanced DVR for web content. Just as DVRs let you record local versions of TV programming content for your later viewing pleasure, Dirpy lets you record local versions of freely available online media for your own personal uses.

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